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Berrick Saul building - York University

The best websites need the best photographs -

Whatever you're doing, promoting or selling, almost everyone has a website these days and every website needs lots of excellent pictures that convey the right information in the right way. Although anyone can take a picture and get it on the web in seconds, photographs are only really doing their job when they bring an additional dimension to what you offer and to how you are being perceived - not only illustrating your story but adding an emotional ‘feel good’ factor that can help potential new clients, customers or visitors feel positively towards you and your business.  

The series of pictures here were made for a new website that was being built for my accountant, who was wanting to put a personal face on the otherwise rather unexciting world of columns of figures. This is an area of work that is expanding enormously as people with businesses recognise the value of having the right pictures to illustrate their story.

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