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making bookings

If you’d like to make a booking -

I'm flexible and will work by the job or by the hour. Naturally, different types of work require different approaches, but I never charge for meetings or recce's because I'm prepared to invest time in interesting and original projects.

For commercial and business photography, I ask £125 for the first hour and then £75 per hour, or £300 for a half day. This not only includes all the preparations, but an enormous amount of unseen time spent re-touching the images so that you see your pictures at their very best.

Portraiture is a special interest and I prefer to work in a place that has meaning or significance to you, so whether you're a private individual, a family or a business client, I'll come to where you are, set up the lighting and arrange the shot, then we can talk, relax and make pictures.

Rather than charge a nominal sitting fee and then pressurise you into buying the largest, most expensive prints that I can, I think it’e more honest to ask a flat fee that includes one 10” x 12” print. If you wish, you can also order prints of any size and on any surface, but that is completely up to you. My fully inclusive fee for a one hour portrait session is £125 which includes travel up to 10 miles from York. There is a large and exciting range of print media available if you want to go beyond simply putting a picture in a frame.   

Travel over 10 miles from York is as follows:- over 10 miles £10. Over 20 miles £20. Over 30 miles £30. Over 40 miles £40.

I like variety, new challenges and meeting new people:  if you have something you’d like to have a chat about I'm very happy to meet up for a coffee without any obligation whatsoever.

Do get in touch -

If you have a project, an upcoming event, or you’d just like to have a chat about something photographic in your life, you can email me here  or take a chance and give me a call on 01904 430871