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Beautiful, romantic engagement and pre-wedding folios - please follow this link to York Wedding Photography.

Portraits are a joy: I really enjoy working with people - connecting with a total stranger and getting to a relaxed place where you’re beginning to enjoy the process and just be who you are. That’s when your spirit starts to shine through and we can make pictures that show you as you really are. Making photographs in a place where you are comfortable or which has a special significance makes for an easier and more enjoyable experience.  Although many portraits are still head and shoulders, the ‘new portraiture’ puts you in an environment that not only makes for an more complex and interesting composition, but says something about the life that you lead.

I’ve created a separate website devoted just to portraiture - if this is of particular interest to you, please click on the link to York Portrait Photography.

“My biggest worry about becoming Lady Captain at the Golf Club was having my photograph taken! Barry has tremendous patience and the ability to make people relax and I have to admit that the result was so much better than I had ever believed it could be... the whole experience was first class. Clearly and expert in his field; I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

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Outstanding portrait photography at a location of your choice -