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Portrait photography on location -

I really enjoy people and want to show them as they really are when they’re at their best: once practical things like the location and lighting and have been decided, I think a portrait session is mainly about engaging with the client - developing a bit of a relationship and giving them the space to just be themselves. Making photographs in a place that is comfortable or has a special significance, makes for an easier and more enjoyable experience as well as allowing us to expand the frame to perhaps include something of the surroundings in the pictures.


Portraiture is an important part of my work so I’ve devoted an entire website to it - if this is of particular interest, please take a look at York Portrait Photography

Portrait of Rachael Maskell

“My biggest worry about becoming Lady Captain at the Golf Club was having my photograph taken! Barry has tremendous patience and the ability to make people relax and I have to admit that the result was so much better than I had ever believed it could be... the whole experience was first class. Clearly and expert in his field; I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

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