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A Touch of Scouse front cover

A Touch of Scouse is a book that celebrates, in photographs, the people of Merseyside.

It emerged from what became a three year project to capture something of the qualities of those who live here.

My approach has been simple - I would spend time in an area or place I was drawn to and then be as open and aware as I could

to what was happening around me . Occasionally, something speciaI would happen - often for only a fleeting moment - and I’d

take the shot before it was gone - or not, if I’d missed it.

Each picture is a moment in the life of real people living real lives: if you spend a little time with each picture, you’ll get a glimpse of

the complexity life as it’s being lived - not always flattering, but true and real and always seen through the eyes of a kindred spirit.

Below is a slide show of a selection of photos from the book- I hope you enjoy them.

There are 100 pictures in a soft back book sized 215mm x 280mm and priced at £20 including p&p.

If you’d like to order a copy, please click here to go to my dedicated ordering site.

A Touch of Scouse wedding

A Touch of Scouse