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malton photographic project

Malton shops photography - Bowley

The Malton project -

Malton is a market town in North Yorkshire with a very long history that goes back to Roman days. Development has been tightly controlled and the buildings of Market Place and The Shambles have been little changed over hundreds of years. There’s a real sense of place and one of my most favourite shops in the whole world still sells wellie boots and lengths of rope and looks like it hasn’t changed since the day it was built.

Although the interiors of many have been modernised, some have not and most show evidence of their long histories. A couple of years ago, I had an impulse to document the many varied interiors: owners were amazingly trusting and accepted me at face value - I put the pictures into a book , published it and gave everyone a copy. A selection are displayed here.

It’s available on Amazon for the princely sum of £15 at

Do contact me if you have any difficulty or have anything you would like to add to the project.