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Dedicated location or studio portrait photography at its very best -

Revealing the spirit of the subject with a calm and friendly approach. The joy of making photographs outside of the studio for me is that a new environment is fresh, stimulating (and possibly challenging), whilst for the client is may be more convenient, more comfortable, or may simply be a place where they feel more at home - where they can be themselves.

Working one-to-one makes it easier to develop a more relaxed, spontaneous connection with my client. Portraiture is such an important part of my work that I’ve created an entire website to it. You’re very welcome to take a lengthy look at York Portrait Photography, where there’s much more information than I can fit in here.

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Portrait of Haddy

“My biggest worry about becoming Lady Captain at the Golf Club was having my photograph taken! Barry has tremendous patience and the ability to make people relax and I have to admit that the result was so much better than I had ever believed it could be... the whole experience was first class. Clearly and expert in his field; I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”


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